Setup a Captcha Form

The normal captcha is a PHP native solution wich does not require any API keys.

Step 1: Generate the shortcode

In our example we use the new Shortcode generator to generate our shortcode.
We choose “Captcha” as our protection type, hit save and were done!



Step 2: Customize the settings (optional)

You can customize the behavior of your Captcha under Settings->Passster->Captcha.

Modify the generated length of the captcha code or use only numbers to make it less difficult to unlock your content.



Step 3: Add it to your content

Now we can switch to our blog post, page or any other custom post type and paste in our generated shortcode:

Step 4: Your content is protected!

If you now visit the page, the passster form is there and your content is protected:
[passster captcha=”captcha”]The answer is 42.[/passster]


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